Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Three Wishes

In 2008, a fascinating document of jazz history was revealed to the public: Three Wishes: An Intimate Look at Jazz Greats, a collection of photographs of jazz musicians in New York taken by The Jazz Baroness, Pannonic de Koenigswarter (or Nica). In the 1960s, She asked many of these musicians what their three wishes were. I am only part way through the book (more commentary to come on this blog), but two sets of answers stand out to me:

Ornette Coleman:

1. Eternal life.
2. Love.
3. Happiness.

Mary Lou Williams:

1. To love God more.
2. To do His will.
3. That he should save souls through me.

Think on these things...


  1. Mary Williams has nailed it!

  2. My three wishes:

    1. Health for a loved one.
    2. To be more Christlike.
    3. To lead more people to Christ. This would be coveed by (2), as would so much more.

    But cannot just wish; we must pray, trust, repent, and yearn--and lament...