Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Mostly Coltrane." Steve Kuhn Trio (2009)

Although not familiar with Mr. Kuhn's work, I had a veridical hunch that this recording would be excellent. Why?
1. Joe Lovano, one of the most distinctive and virtuosic saxophonists of our time played on it.
2. Mr. Kuhn had played briefly with John Coltrane. 3.
It was mostly the music of John Coltrane.
4. ECM, the incomparable, was the label.

All the musicians have a deep sensitivity for this music, which they play respectfully but creatively. You feel the spirit of Trane, but as it is reflected through the prism of each of these superb musicians. Mr. Kuhn is a rich and sometimes surprising pianist. Mr. Lovano has gotten completely inside these pieces and Trane's playing as well. He is confident in his own voice, yet inspired by the feel of Trane. Mr. Baron is highly creative and plays the difficult no-time pieces flawlessly. The band plays material from all of Trane's moods, including some of the more difficult late-period music, which takes considerable courage to play. They execute it all flawlessly.

There is beauty in this world. Let us give thanks and enjoy it.

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