Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jazz at Jacks

What's the word on Jazz at Jacks in downtown Denver? It appears to have a smooth jazz ambience, or am I wrong?


  1. DRG: JaJ seems to have a more eclectic, bordering-on-the-smooth-jazz ambiance, but I know Skip the Funktologist has his monthly set there, and progressive/avant Denver groups like Future Jazz Project (Greg Harris, vibes) play there often. It's worth keeping tabs on their schedule, though.

  2. RCV:

    Thanks much. You swing (again). I need to get more hip about the Denver jazz scene, which is very rich (compared to Pittsburgh, say).

  3. Jazz at Jacks does have a smooth-jazz ambiance with Dotsero as the house band. However, folks like the aforementioned Greg Harris are definitely worth checking out. In fact, Harris is playing for free tonight at 8:30 P.M.

    Further, I would also recommend keeping up with the calendars at Dazzle, El Chapultepec, and Herb's too.